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Thoughts on “Team Chemistry” by Jefe Redden

Team chemistry is a topic that sparks different opinions among people. The question at hand is whether team chemistry is important for a team’s success. From my personal standpoint, I firmly believe that it plays a crucial role. Throughout my experiences as a member of various talented teams, I have observed that team chemistry significantly […]

How to Take care of a softball bat

How to take care of a Softball Bat Carbon fiber softball bats are a popular choice for many players due to their light weight and durability. However, like any piece of sports equipment, they require proper care in order to perform at their best. In this article, we will discuss the steps you can take […]

NEWS RELEASE – Mark Katz to join Pure Executive Leadership

Charleston SC.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pure Sports Technologies , a leading innovator in manufacturing of carbon fiber sporting goods, military solar panels, softball / baseball bat sales and sporting apparel, today announced it has named Mark Katz as Chief Operating Officer. In this role, Mark will support Chris Osborne, CEO of Pure Sports as well as leverage his […]

NEWS RELEASE – Carbon Fiber Bat manufacturer Pure Sports to double production in 2022

Pure Sports Technologies, LLC2/16/2022 Carbon Fiber Bat manufacturer Pure Sports to double production in 2022 Pure Sports Technologies, LLC is making a major capital investment into their domestic manufacturing capabilities. The retooling and expansion of PURE’s domestic manufacturing line will occur over the next six months and will result in the ability to produce as […]

Pure Sports – How to select the right bat for your swing!

Heading into 2021 softball players have a lot of choices of bats to swing. It seems like there are new bat companies popping up each week and we are all trying to get the most attention to earn a customer’s business. Sometimes it can be easy for the companies to lose sight of what is […]

A Breakdown of USSSA Bat Stamp Changes

Written by, Joshua Kusich – Pure Sports Rep Over the last year, the slowpitch softball world had been inundated with countless announcements regarding changes to the USSSA bat stamp.  This information seems to come in pieces and does not fully address the questions and concerns of all stakeholders in the softball community.  For example, how […]

A new year, A new look

As part of an company-wide customer service overhaul, we have upgraded our website. This change will allow us to add a degree of automation that was previously impossible. Here are a few other changes we have been making at Pure to help to serve you better as we continue to grow. We want you guys […]

The five W’s of a five man (who what when where and why)

We can all agree that softball is a “Hitter’s Game”, so much that, whoever developed it said “Hey, let’s give them 10 players instead of just 9”. Maybe they give us 10 players because it was easier math on entry fees or splitting a couple of cases of beer, who knows, but I’d like to […]

How do you adjust?

  A few baseball legends got together the other day and had a healthy discussion on what they did in different situations and the adjustments that they made to be successful.    Pete Rose was one of the greatest hitters of all time (hopefully he will get in the HOF sooner rather than later) so when […]

Softball Free Agents

After what seems like the 20th World Tournament of the year teams begin to not play as much and pick up whoever they can find. During this time it gives players a chance to see life outside of their regular team. This is a great time to test free agency and for teams/players to get […]