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Softball Free Agents

After what seems like the 20th World Tournament of the year teams begin to not play as much and pick up whoever they can find. During this time it gives players a chance to see life outside of their regular team. This is a great time to test free agency and for teams/players to get an idea for possibilities for the following season. Some players can not wait to leave the situation they’ve been stuck in the last few months due to their commitment and some sponsors can’t wait to get new blood in their system and build the next contender! 

Here are a few do’s and dont’s of Free Agency

    ⁃    Play with some different teams that you have played against throughout the year to see if the grass is greener
    ⁃    Bring along a friend just as good or better than you to sweeten the deal
    ⁃    Play just like you have all year, they have asked you to play for a reason
    ⁃    Accept all of the offers of equipment, travel, food, etc. 

    ⁃    Commit to a team too early!!
    ⁃    Bring along a friend that is garbage(makes you look bad)
    ⁃    Feel pressured to perform, they are auditioning for you just as much as you are for them 
    ⁃    Ask for stuff, if they offer that’s on them

  On the other end on the spectrum the sponsors and coaches have a huge responsibility for making adjustments to the lineup in the off season. For the most part I feel like a lot of people who have been with a team for the whole year know when it’s time for them to move on. Being honest with your players will go a long way with keeping a good relationship with them.  You never know when you may need a pickup.  Don’t offer new players a position too soon, definitely invite them to play in some tournaments because chemistry is a major factor in a successful team. Make sure the chemistry is there before you go all in with a player. Also when ordering jerseys, my personal opinion is, unless the player is paying for their own jersey then do not get them a jersey with their name on the back of it (you will regret it).

  So let’s enjoy this weather while it’s still warm and get out there and test the waters! The softball world is a huge place, EXPLORE IT!

-see you at the fields 

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