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At Pure Sports Technologies, we only make the best bats. Our bats may be a little more expensive but you can rest assured we specialize in being the best – the best performance, the best durability and the best customer service.

We're PURE


Our focus at Pure is to provide our customers with the hottest bats accepted by softball sanctions. We consistently push ourselves to produce the best possible bats in the game by researching and developing new technology to always keep our customers ahead of the competition. Whether you customize your bat or pick one off the shelf, when you buy a Pure bat, you can always be confident that your bat is the best you can get.

Pure was established to bring sports equipment design and manufacturing back to the United States. While it isn’t feasible to make everything in the USA all of the time, we take this under consideration as one of the most important parts of what we do. We believe that Americans should make the products used in America’s favorite sport.

Chris Osborne - CEO Pure Sports Technologies

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Our Products

Fast Pitch Softball

Pure is aggressively developing products for the fastpitch market for release in 2023.

USSSA Slow Pitch Softball

Pure has been a major player in the USSSA Slow Pitch scene for quite some time - providing hot, customizable bats.

Batting Gloves

If you haven't tried the Pure brand batting gloves - you don't know what you're missing.

USA / ASA Slow Pitch

After years of research, we have patented a new technology that will allow us to take over USA Softball as THE BEST BAT.

Senior Softball

Utilizing new patented technology, Pure's senior bats are Hot AND durable.

Other Apparel

The same great care that we put into our bats goes into our apparel.


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Meet Our Experts

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Jason Branch
Signature Player
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Our Partners

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