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Wear Pure, Wear American – Boost Your Look and Performance with Homegrown Craftsmanship!


Design your own Custom Jersey Online

PURE has something for every sports team’s budget & timeframe. No matter if your team participates in baseball, basketball, fastpitch softball, football, soccer, volleyball, track or wrestling. We’ve got team uniforms, complete team packs, apparel, accessories & gear at varied price points; whether you prefer in-stock team uniforms (ready to go!) or if you want a custom look to stand out against the competition. Our Professional Quality team uniforms are proudly made in North America.


Embark on the first step of crafting your personalized jersey by cultivating your creative vision. Begin by conceptualizing and gathering your ideas for the jersey’s unique appearance. 


With your concepts in hand, seamlessly navigate to the Custom Jersey Design section and follow the provided instructions. This initial phase sets the foundation for a tailored design, allowing you to translate your imaginative ideas into a distinctive jersey that embodies your team’s identity.


Once your creative ideas are gathered, venture into our Custom Jersey Design section. Here, our dedicated design team will work diligently to interpret and implement your specifications, seamlessly weaving them into a unique design that captures the essence of your team’s identity. With precision and attention to detail, our designers bring your concepts to life, ensuring every element, from colors to logos, aligns perfectly with your vision for a one-of-a-kind jersey. 

Upon final approval of the design, we present you with a mockup that allows you to envision the finished product. This collaborative process guarantees a personalized and exceptional jersey that exceeds your expectations.


In the final phase of crafting your custom jersey, our dedicated team ensures meticulous attention to detail as your design transitions from concept to reality. Following the design approval, your order progresses through a thorough quality check process to guarantee that every stitch, color, and logo aligns flawlessly with your vision. Once the quality check is successfully passed, your bespoke jerseys move into the printing, cutting, and sewing stages, executed with precision and care. 

Upon completion, we promptly dispatch your order, providing you with tracking information to monitor its journey. Now, you and your team can gear up for greatness with the unforgettable custom uniforms you create for them.