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The Pure Story

Reliable, High Performance SPorts Equipment

Launched in the Fall of 2016 Pure Sports set a goal to bring manufacturing for our Nation’s official Pastime back to the United States.

Implementing a patented process, Pure Sports manufactures softball bats utilizing state of the art aerospace carbon fiber.  Our first bat to market utilized a tamper resistant design that integrates the knob, shell, and end cap into a one piece bat – eliminating a growing cheating problem in softball without sacrificing durability, and maximizing the size of the sweet spot.

Perfect Results Guaranteed

Pure Sports’ pride, passion, and integrity has led to producing the hottest bats made in the USA. Pure’s roots can be found starting with one piece bats, although focus has shifted to include the production of two piece bats in a 12, 13 or 14 inch barrel.


“We take pride in our work and are committed to making each of our customers happy.”

Owner of Pure Sports

The Team

Chris Osborne

Founder and CTO

Shazir Haque

Chief Financial Officer

Dan Dimicco

Partner and Mentor

Mark Patterson

Chief Executive Officer

Jenn Holt

Customer Relations

Get a Custom bat

Creation is the key for Pure Sports, where both team and individual dreams come to life by taking unique ideas and producing one of a kind designs using both styles of softball bats as a canvas. There’s no limit to what the artists at Pure Sports have the ability to place on a bat. With one of a kind designs ranging from tributes, causes, national pride, and beyond. Pure Sports succeeds at producing bats that speak to people further than just performance. Sitting at the forefront of custom bat design and high quality performance, Pure Sports has a bat for you