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We test, design, paint and assemble all of our bats in Tampa Bay, FL. For twenty years, our staff has specialized in advanced carbon fiber design and manufacturing. We have a degree of control over the manufacturing process that no other bat company has. This means you get a consistent, durable and most importantly HOT bat, every time.

OUR Bats

The Lineup

Game Ready

Designed to immediately be as hot as possible with no break in.

Standard USSSA

Bats designed to get hot fast and stay passing for longer.

Custom Bats

Customize your bat to your swing and preferences.

Why Choose Us?

When you spend your hard earned money on a bat, you want the hottest bat on the market but it also needs to LAST. Our bats are designed to immediately drop to the USSSA limit of 240psi and stay there. 

We also custom tailor each barrel and balance to the weight of the bat you purchase. Typically, that means lighter bats are are matched in terms of performance and durability to someone that is typically swinging less hard. That means, light bats are made to be hotter!

Customer Service 95%
Feel 97%
Durability 85%
Performance 98%


Engineering Experts

Many companies order bats from China without ever knowing what they are ordering Pure extensively lab tests our bats in house to create the best bats possible. When you buy a Pure, you KNOW you’re getting the hottest bat allowed in USSSA. 

Hottest Bats

Ask any of our conference players, our bats are the best out there. They have helped us fine tune our bats to be used at the highest level of softball. We closely control the weight, balance and compression of all our bats.

Bats that Last and Won't get Banned

We know bats are expensive so we use our composites engineering experience to design bats that get hot fast and stay hot without failing. Our bats are all tested extensively to make sure they will last. We take the rules of the game seriously and get our bats as close to the 240 psi limit without cheating like other, less reputable companies.

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