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Pure Sports Technologies is excited to collaborate with NAGAAA host cities to offer the best ASA slow-pitch softball bats in the USA. NAGAAA, established in 1977, is an international sports organization comprising men and women who are committed to providing opportunities and access for the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. NAGAAA currently has over 17,000 […]

Twisted Tea Softball Bat

The Twisted Tea Preorder is only available until 4/15/23!!!! Scroll Down for a special Twisted Tea deal! Get Your Twisted Tea Bat Now! (only available until 4/15/23!!!!)

How to Take care of a softball bat

How to take care of a Softball Bat Carbon fiber softball bats are a popular choice for many players due to their light weight and durability. However, like any piece of sports equipment, they require proper care in order to perform at their best. In this article, we will discuss the steps you can take […]

A new year, A new look

As part of an company-wide customer service overhaul, we have upgraded our website. This change will allow us to add a degree of automation that was previously impossible. Here are a few other changes we have been making at Pure to help to serve you better as we continue to grow. We want you guys […]

The five W’s of a five man (who what when where and why)

We can all agree that softball is a “Hitter’s Game”, so much that, whoever developed it said “Hey, let’s give them 10 players instead of just 9”. Maybe they give us 10 players because it was easier math on entry fees or splitting a couple of cases of beer, who knows, but I’d like to […]

How do you adjust?

  A few baseball legends got together the other day and had a healthy discussion on what they did in different situations and the adjustments that they made to be successful.    Pete Rose was one of the greatest hitters of all time (hopefully he will get in the HOF sooner rather than later) so when […]

Softball Bats

1 Piece Composite Bats – The largest sweet spot on the market made in the USA by Pure SportsThe construction of our bats starts with Advanced Up-cycled Carbon Fiber from the Aerospace industry making them twice as strong as standard Carbon Fiber.  With its completely seamless design it will stretch the sweet spot beyond the […]

Softball Free Agents

After what seems like the 20th World Tournament of the year teams begin to not play as much and pick up whoever they can find. During this time it gives players a chance to see life outside of their regular team. This is a great time to test free agency and for teams/players to get […]