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A new year, A new look

As part of an company-wide customer service overhaul, we have upgraded our website. This change will allow us to add a degree of automation that was previously impossible. Here are a few other changes we have been making at Pure to help to serve you better as we continue to grow.

Support Ticketing System Implementation90%

We want you guys to be able to communicate with us when you have a question in a way that is convenient for you but that meant we were getting emails, phone calls, support tickets, text messages, Facebook messages, etc. It was really tough for us to keep up with all the questions. We added a support ticketing system that takes all those messages / phone calls and puts them in ONE place under your account where we can find all our communication with you.

Repairs and Warranties75%

With covid, we’ve experienced a lot of delays in general but one of the hardest hit areas is the repair process. Sometime we make mistakes and we want to make sure that we are able to correct those mistakes as quickly and easily as possible for you. With covid, we’ve had to add a 1-2 weeks to our turnaround time just to wait on the box to be safe to open. This has increased the turnaround time. We have dedicated extra people to help to catch us up and get us back to a 2-3 week turnaround. We have also added a new RMA request page to our website to help people submit the information we need in one place. We hope it will be easier on you when there is an issue.


Since September 1 of 2020, we have been focused on building inventory first and selling second. This will allow us to ship in-stock bats out within a day or two moving forward. It has led to some big changes and unfortunately not all of our partners from the past will be able to work with us in the future.

Some smaller retailers and reps count on numerous novel designs and small batch orders to sell our bats. Since we are only allowing customization of bats at 10 pieces and above primarily for teams, these retailers will have a tough time growing with us. We’re saddened by this but it is a necessary stepping stone in our move toward being the top manufacturer in diamond sports.

Pure has also purchased a new resource planning system that will be fully implemented in the first part of 2021 to help us keep up with the extra people and production requirements.

Quality Control85%

We have added a full time employee that has the responsibility for making sure all bats meet a thorough quality check before being boxed and shelved. We are continuing to add quality check points as we release new bats and setup new quality checking equipment. Hang in there, we’re almost there!


Pure is adding a new customer database in the first part of 2021 to make sure everyone at Pure knows everything about your account. Your pricing, emails and other important information will be easily accessible by everyone at pure. We have also added a new price level above our highest tier wholesalers to account for new partnerships that are buying more bats than ever before.

You will also see a departure from the current rep model of selling so that we are able to better focus on servicing our wholesale customers. Our current reps will transition into a new role to help us service our customers in a more official capacity while working more closely with Pure employees.

Our new 2021 pricelist is now available, please reach out to Sales to get your copy today.


For 2021, Pure is trying something new. We will be sponsoring more players and teams at different levels of softball. We are reallocating money from our Major level softball teams so we are able to sponsor several teams and players at the highest level. Not having our own team that we run will free up time for us to be more available to you during conference softball events and will allow us to remain focused on providing top tier service and reliability.

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