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Pure Sports – How to select the right bat for your swing!

Heading into 2021 softball players have a lot of choices of bats to swing. It seems like there are new bat companies popping up each week and we are all trying to get the most attention to earn a customer’s business. Sometimes it can be easy for the companies to lose sight of what is important to the hitter. We are all impressed by someone hitting a ball 400+ but those players are few and far between. What about those of us who are table setters, Base hitters, and lead off batters? 

When selecting a bat, knowing the type of hitter you are is a good starting point but the other side of it is what bat fits your swing. Do you like 1 piece or 2 piece, what about a stiff handle or flex handle? Then you have to consider the weight and endload with that. There are a lot of variables that could determine how comfortable you are and turn good hitters into great hitters!

To help you select the perfect bat for you we interviewed a group of the Pure Factory Hitters on what bat they swing and why. We hope this will help you in selecting the perfect bat for you. 

Daniel Kirkwood

A quintessential improvement to your softball game is identifying the right style bat. 1-piece, 2-piece, weight, endload vs balanced – all factor into your success and vary based on swing style.

I love a stiff bat, so give me a 2-piece that won’t flex or a 1-piece all day. My reasoning is I love hitting the backside line, but too much flex and you lose control and hit more foul balls and lose accuracy.

Weight – Give me the heaviest bat I can get and still swing the same speed. 28oz or more – I’m all about it. Basic science says F=ma (Force = Mass x Acceleration). If I can swing the same speed no matter the oz (Acceleration), the heavier the Bat (Mass) the greater Force I can create on the ball.

I also love end loads.

Balanced bats in my opinion are better for light swingers who continue swing effort well past the contact point. I love at least .5 or 1.0oz EL’s – this helps momentum finish my swing with less focused effort, but too much EL and your barrel drops through the zone forcing pop ups or mis-hits, especially when you’re tired.

Not everyone swings the same. Is your style like mine? What bat features work best for you?

Shane Blanchard 

My bat of choice is a 13” 2-piece 26 with a full Oz endload. The handle flex is the best I’ve felt compared to the competitors. The endload actually feels like it’s there helping the barrel come through faster. The 13” barrel has a really soft feel so I like the way I can feel the barrel compress on the ball.

Jared Hunt

My bat of choice is a 1 piece 27oz 1oz end load. I like this bat because I like a very stiff handle followed by a heavy barrel. With more of a baseball style swing I prefer the stiffest bat so my barrel has no lag coming through the zone, helps me throw my hands and know exactly where the barrel will be all the way through the swing path.

David Romero

My bat of choice is definitely the 1 piece 25.5 like the Pure Bull Dawg. I like it because it’s light and I can pick and choose where to place the ball with all the control in the bat. Stiff handles are the way to go so I can push through the zone . Slow hands don’t eat

Adam Smylie

My bat of choice is a 2 piece 27 1oz endload Bat. I like the 2 piece because I like to feel the whip coming through the zone. I prefer a heavy bat because I like to feel what I’m swinging.

Clayton Farrar

My bat of choice is the 1 piece 26oz 1oz full endload. I enjoy this bat because I feel like it fits my swing very well. I swing with a lot of torque so I prefer a bat that is very stiff in the handle. I also prefer to have as much control on my bat that I possibly can have and with the 26oz 1oz endload, It truly feels great and gives me the most confidence every time I step into the box.

Courtney Hardaway

My bat of choice is the 13” 2-piece 27oz with 1/2 endload. A two piece that doesn’t flex and has less vibrations allows me to have more control. I love a 27oz bat, it just feels perfect, not heavy or lite. Gives me a very controlled swing with some pop. #swingpure

Kyle Johnson

My bat is a 26oz 2 piece with a 1/2oz el. I like the whip feeling. I swing pure cause it’s the best brand out there. And with a pure bat in my hand I have the most confidence I have ever had playing ball.

Brett McCollum

My bat of choice is a 1 piece 27.5oz integrity. I love swinging Pure bats due to the stiff handle followed by a heavy barrel. I prefer the stiffest handle possible so my barrel has no lag coming through the zone, helps me throw my hands where the barrel will be all the way through.

Kyle Garrison

My bat of choice is a 1 piece 26.5oz .5oz endload. The reason I prefer the one piece is because I love a stiff that gives a true feel when I hit the ball. I want to know if I squared it up or not right when I hit it. I feel the .5oz endload is the perfect weighting for swinging away and hitting the ball down/back side. The new 240 integrity’s have a great sweet spot that is very hitter friendly!

Kacee Cox

My bat of choice is a 1 piece 27oz with a 1oz endload and a 12.5” barrel. I feel this bat is right for me because the handle feels somewhat stiff which gives me the feel of more bat control, allowing me to better throw my hands where I please. With my fast pitch background, my biggest adjustment has been keeping my quick hand speed while staying back a bit longer. The 27oz weight helps me to stay back while the 1oz endload allows me to still be able to whip the barrel through the zone and keep the power I have. I also appreciate the 12.5” barrel length compared to most other 12” barrel bats I’ve swung in the past because it allows me to potentially cast my hands and still find the sweet spot. I can “mess up” in a way and still find a way to put the ball in play with some power #SwingPure

Jaexie Balilea

My bat of choice is a 26oz 2 piece with a 1/2 oz endload.. Preferably a 12in barrel.. I like the 2 piece because the whip when it comes through that zone feels oh so right! Also, swinging a 2 piece is perfect for the type of swing I have! Swinging PURE is the best brand out there hands down! #SWINGPURE

Ryan Ramirez

My bat choice is a 1 piece 27oz with a 1 once endload. I have always swung 2 piece bats in the past but fell in love with the 1 piece pure. Endload is a must for me to throw the bat head. 

Keith Laski

My bat of choice is a 2 piece and either a 27 or 28 oz bat with 1/2 oz end load. I also prefer a 12” barrel. The heaviest bat I can handle the more velocity and distance I seem to get. I can’t seem to find the barrel when I use any end load bigger than 1/2oz and I don’t like the feel of a balanced bat. It’s just my personal preference at my advanced age


Choosing your bat is not a perfect science and some people, like myself, pick a bat of the day or game. I have 1 piece and 2 piece bats that range from 25oz balanced to a 26 1oz EL and everything in between. Jason Matusik will swing a 27oz balanced and change to a .5oz EL depending on the game situation and many players do similar things. Some people use balanced bats to hit backside and endload bats when pulling the ball. The best way to find your bat is to get some options and get out on a field! Picking your bat is all about how you feel at the point in time so don’t be afraid to carry a few different Pures in your bag at all times!

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This article was authored by all hitters mentioned within.

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  1. Great info in this article.
    I personally am a guy that likes the one piece in 27.5 oz. The true connection from handle to barrel with that platform gives me confidence that the head of the barrel is doing exactly what my hands are telling it.
    Normally I prefer the big barrel bats (13″+) when I used products before Pure hit the scene, but the sweet spot on the 12.5″ Integrity barrel feels as big or bigger than those larger barrel bats so transition was seamless.

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