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Unleash the power of the Hellfire! The 2023 NAGAAA NOLA Hellfire X22 – a LIMITED EDITION masterpiece designed for the elite softball player. Crafted as a 2-piece fully composite bat, it boasts a 13″ X-22 barrel, ensuring precision, balance, and unmatched power.

Special Edition Partnered with the New Orleans Softball League

LIMITED EDITION Release of our EXTREMELY popular Hellfire model ASA/USA. Our “NAGAAA” Limited Edition model is created  in partnership with the New Orleans Softball League. 


Founded in 2010 by New Orleans’ LGBTQIA+ community, NOLA Softball League (NSL) promotes a positive environment for slow-pitch softball. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, it supports local charities and welcomes diverse members without prejudice.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Design: The Hellfire’s sleek design is not just about aesthetics; it’s built for performance. The 13″ X-22 barrel is engineered to deliver optimal pop and distance.
  • Ready to Play: No break-in period needed. The Hellfire is hot out of the wrapper, primed to dominate from the first swing.
  • HOT!: The Hellfire has been determined to be the best bat in ASA for 2023.
  • Weight Options: Tailored to your preference, the Hellfire is available in 25.5oz, 26.5oz, and 27.5oz, ensuring a fit for every player’s style.
  • Slight Endload: Every bat features a subtle endload, providing that extra momentum for powerful hits.

Limited Availability:

Stock is limited! Secure your Hellfire X22 today and set the field ablaze this season. Note: Due to the limited edition nature of this bat, stocks are expected to deplete quickly. Ensure you grab yours while supplies last!  



The Hellfire is a 2 Piece fully composite bat with a 13″ X-22 barrel. This bat is available in 25.5oz, 26.5oz, and 27.5oz. ALL bats feature a slight endload.

X-22 Barrel

For our ASA bats we had to create a brand-new barrel from scratch. This barrel (named X-22) Features a new type of composite that is extremely durable while still being thin. The thin barrel allows the transfer of power from the player to the ball to be as efficient as possible.

Internal PAD

Each of these bats features an internal PAD (Power Amplification Device) which will greatly increase the amount of force applied to the ball. The PAD is made with the same technology as the original integrity barrel. When the bat hits the ball the barrel will compress and allow the PAD to amplify the force of the swing. This causes a faster rebound, allowing for hits to go much further than a traditional bat. The PAD also helps to keep your performance at it’s peak longer.


Swing into the new wave of softball tech. #SwingPURE.

  • X-22 Barrel
  • Internal PAD
  • Barrel length: 13 inches
  • Barrel Diameter: 2 1/4 inches
  • Bat Overall Length: 34 inches
  • The weight advertised is the approximate weight before the grip is added.
  • Bats are sent with a grip that is not installed so you can decide the grip that you want to use.
  • Do not BP this bat in cold weather
  • Do not use anything other than 52 COR balls
  • If you need a bat that can be BPed in cold weather, check out the Pure Javelin
  • This bat comes with a limited lifetime warranty that covers factory defects and damaged PAD replacement. Please purchase an Expanded warranty if you want to cover wear and tear.