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About Us

About Us

Started in Charleston, SC

Pure Sports was founded in 2015 by Chris Osborne, a veteran in the composites industry with 17 years of experience. Together with veteran softball player Craig Shaw, whose team has won ten state 

championships and nine world championships, they’re on a quest to be an innovator in the composite bat industry and more importantly brought composite bat manufacturing back to the USA. We are proud to be an American made softball bat manufacturer. We are fellow softball players who are making bats for softball players.

Creating the Best Softball Bat in Market

It is our goal to endeavor to innovate and create the best softball bat out there in the market. We are obsessed in producing the highest, quality AMERICAN softball bat and take great pride in ensuring that every softball bat that leaves our warehouse is up to the highest standards. We back this promise up with a 1-year warranty and will replace any bat that does not meet those standards during the course of normal play. 

Bats that perform in all climates

The construction of our bats starts with Advanced Up-cycled Carbon Fiber from the Aerospace industry making them twice as strong as standard Carbon Fiber. With its completely seamless design it will stretch the sweet spot beyond the limits of our competition and come out of the wrapper hot. When you swing a Pure bat, you can be sure you’re getting the best no matter the weather or temperature. Because our bats are made from the same epoxy resin systems used to make snowboards you know they will perform just as well in cold temperatures. 

By using the material from the Boeing plant located nearby we can reduce waste and ensure we are using the highest quality materials. If it’s good enough carbon fiber to be on a 787, you can be sure it’s going to smash home runs.

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